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Final Night Qualifying rumbles through Le Mans

LEMANS, France – With the final qualifying for the 2010 24 hours of Le Mans in the bag, it is of no surprise that the order hasn't changed for the start of the race. Peugeot continues its strangle hold on the top four positions for the start of the race. It remains to be seen if Audi has an answer for the race, or if Peugeot will run away from them once again. One thing is for certain a lot can happen in 24 hours of motor racing, and Mother Nature always has a way of throwing a monkey wrench into the best plans at Le Mans. Current weather forecasts show rain most of Saturday -- and as of 12 am the rain has already started.

Does passion trump cubic dollars? Drayson team to find out

composite_car_cutoutroadatlanta_dsc1466 LE MANS, France -- As the crow flies, it is little more than 5,000 miles from the hard scrabble desert of St. George, Utah to the plains of France where the famed Circuit du la Sarthe is located. But the journey that Drayson Team Manager Dale White took can only be measured by the strength of character found in one’s heart. White remembers being the kid who got sand kicked in his face because his dreams were of fast cars, the Eiffel tower, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans rather than the SuperBowl, the World Series, or a slam dunk in the NBA finals.  “I talked about going to France and they (the kids) just laughed ‘cause most kids in that small town had not left the county yet. I was just fascinated with that – it was just like a whole another world to me. That is all I talked about – it was all that I ever talked about,” he remembered. His penchant for LeMans and car racing nearly drove his father nuts, according to White.  White recalls with a chuckle, “All my father (who was the service manager for a local automobile dealer) ever wanted me to do was NOT get in the car business.” Trying to stay true to his father’s wishes White focused on engineering after high school, and was a program manager and engineer with EG&G Energy Measurements, where he began a career in the nuclear industry. Today however, White has three Sebring class titles, two LeMans class titles, a passel of American Le Mans Series individual and series wins as well as a desert racing resume that would be the envy of even the likes of Mickey Thompson. Read more

Follow Audi Sport on your iPhone

Le Mans, France – You can now follow the progress of the 2010 Audi R15 TDI Plus at Le Mans, with the iPhone Application available at the App Store, or via Itunes. From your iPhone App Store, search for Audi Sport or follow the link. The Audi Sport Application will keep you up to date with a live ticker of the 24 Hours of Le Mans r15 Plus,  A4 DTM and R8 LMS, as well as current news.
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