Friday the 13th: The calm before the storm.

Friday Pitwalk

The Friday at Le Mans is always a chill day at the track, The only thing going on for spectators is a pit lane walk-through, which really turns into quite the mob scene

.Friday Pitwalk

Even though the day is suppose to be somewhat relaxing for the teams, as there are no cars going out on the track, there is still work to be done, Fasteners need to be triple checked, Brake lines bled, Brakes checked and rechecked and every bit of the car given the once over.

Audi R10

And still some have further work to do, here the crew of a Ferrari stands in the engine bay of a car, working on it for tomorrows race.


Fans try and spot their favorite car, or drives while walking the pit lane, for some this is the closest they will ever get to their idols, or even favorite car.

Fans in Pitlane

In the end, it is a LM P2 night

audi uphill Roger Penske's DHL sponsored LM P2 Porsche team took the overall victory at Sebring and LM P2 cars held four of the top five places when the checkered flag dropped on the storied Florida event. The tier two cars left both Audi and Peugeot with a great deal to think about for both the ALMS series and the 24 Hours of Le Mans 90 days in the future.Read more
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